Reverse Kegel – The Forgotten Sexual Exercise

Before We Start

How long does your sex last?

The most popular response to a Reddit poll on “how long does your sex normally last” was 1-2 minutes.

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m an ex-pornstar. It was my job to have sex for 30, 40, or even 60 minutes straight. Nobody is born with such endurance. 

Both Kegels and reverse Kegels increase the ability to control penile muscle by making it stronger and increasing neuromuscular connection. Adding Kegels to your routine is a simple way to increase your stamina in bed.

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You know about the kegel exercise…but what about the reverse kegel?

Look around any men’s sex guide and they’ll recommend kegel exercises. Even I’m guilty. I’ve written about kegel exercises countless times, but can you really blame me?

Kegel exercises help men last longer and fix erectile dysfunction, and they even help women keep their vaginas nice and tight. It’s no wonder I’ve written about them so much.

That being said, I’ve neglected the reverse kegel (RK) for way too long. The reverse kegel is the kegel’s long lost cousin. Often ignored, this exercise is supremely underrated and can definitely help you last longer…especially if you have a tight pelvic floor.

What’s the pelvic floor? Glad you asked.

The Pelvic Floor, Explained

When I talk about kegel exercises, I often talk about the pelvic floor. This is the umbrella term for the muscles surrounding your penis and anus, on the bottom of the pelvis.

Check out an image online and you’ll see why they call it the pelvic floor.

There’s a ton of tiny muscles that make up this area, so instead of calling them by their scientific name, I call this the pelvic floor.

The reason we talk about the pelvic floor is because of pelvic floor imbalances, which can cause all kinds of dysfunction. The most common problem is a weak PC muscle, which is cured by using kegel exercises.

Another problem that’s less common, but equally damaging, is a tight pelvic floor. When all your pelvic floor muscles are really tight (constantly squeezing) you can develop premature ejaculation.

Tight pelvic floor muscles contract much easier, making you lose control of the timing of your orgasm.

The cure is the reverse kegel.

Reverse Kegels Vs. Kegels – Which Is Better?

You might ask, “why can’t I just perform kegels?”

You can, but you should also perform reverse kegels to create a good balance. The kegel muscles and reverse kegel muscles are like the biceps and triceps, they work in opposite directions.

The kegel helps STOP pee from coming out of your penis. The reverse kegel helps SPEED UP pee from coming out of your penis.

Now I’ll tell you how to perform the RK.

How To Perform The Reverse Kegel

If you’ve read my previous blogs on kegels, you’ll know the best way to find the kegel muscle is to go to the men’s.

When you start peeing, squeeze to stop the flow of pee. That’s the kegel muscle.

The reverse kegel does the opposite, it makes pee flow faster. So, go to the urinal, and try to pee as fast and hard as possible. Feel how your pelvic floor opens up like you’re breathing into it.

Watch out, there might be a little splash-back from the fast spray. You might want to go outside and try to do this if your stream is that powerful.

To actually perform the reverse kegel, learn how to do this “pee faster” movement without peeing. It takes practice, but once you understand the muscle, you can do it wherever you are, without peeing.

The routine for reverse kegel can be simple.

Just start with five sets of 10 reps. Repeat this three times a week. When you advance, practice five times a week. This shouldn’t be terribly exhausting, but you want to ease into the practice.

Accessory Exercises

Even if you have strong kegel muscles, and strong reverse kegel muscles, you could still have imbalances wreaking havoc on your sexual performance.

A common example is men who only practice kegel exercises. This is the equivalent to JUST doing bicep curls, and will cause injury/dysfunction down the road.

To prevent this, stretch.

Just like biceps and triceps, you have to stretch your overworked muscles to keep them in good shape.

Likewise, stretch your pelvic floor for better performance in bed.

Here are my top two stretches for pelvic floor health.

First is the deep squat. All you have to do is squat as low as you can. Pretty simple.

The next stretch is “horse-riding stance.” Here’s how you do it:

Stand up straight with no shoes on. With your toes facing forward, spread your legs open as far as you can. This’ll look like you’re riding a horse, or like you’re a kung fu master.

To practice both of these stretches, get into position, and hold it for as long as you can. I like to do a minute (or more) of these throughout the day. It definitely helps to open up the hips, which might be sore from all of your wild thrusting.

With regular practice, you’ll feel these stretches OPENING up your pelvic floor in no time.

Can Reverse Kegels Really Make Me Last Longer?

Reverse kegels will work to make you last longer, but they can only go so far.

You can practice them all day, but if your kegel muscle isn’t strong enough, you won’t be able to stop orgasming.

You still won’t know what sex positions are best for orgasm, and you definitely won’t know how to train your cock for actual sex.

It doesn’t matter how much you practice exercises, if you aren’t prepared for sex, there’s no way you can last long.

That’s where the Lasting Longer guide comes in.

Exercises are good, but if you’re serious about lasting longer in bed, then you’ll need a system. You need to know exactly what to do, and how to do it.

I wrote it using my years of experience in the porn industry. The lessons I learned stayed with me forever. Soon after leaving the industry, I found myself coaching men how to last longer in bed.

Word got out that I was a masterful lover (you can thank my wife for spreading that rumor), and, soon enough, my phone was ringing off the hook with men asking for help.

I wanted to produce a guidebook I could hand to a man and say “here, this is all you need to last longer.” I think I’ve accomplished that, and now I’d like to share it with you.