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Keep reading if you have been dealing with:

  • Feeling embarrassed about the size of your penis (she says it’s small). 
  • Feeling ashamed of your pencil dick (she asks “is it in?”). 
  • Feeling insecure about your ability to perform because of the dimensions of your fella down there. 

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m an ex-pornstar. It was my job to have sex in front of cameras for 30, 40, even 60 minutes straight. Now I’m on a mission to help men unlock their full sex life potential.

Can I ask you a painful question? How big is your penis?

It’s ok if you don’t want to answer. 

Just consider this. Men get their idea about perfect dick size from surveys online, from porn or from their girlfriends. 

The most popular response to a Reddit poll on “how big is your dick, really” was 6-7 inches (that’s around 15 – 18 cm).

Yet most of the studies rely on self-reported measurements and therefore suffer from 2 issues – guys lie about their size AND men with smaller dicks just don’t participate in these surveys

If we go by results from studies with professionally taken measurements, the average penis size is just 5.5 inches (14 cm).

What about girls who claim that they’ve been with a 8, 9, 10 inch monster dick?

I have the utmost respect for women, but when it comes to dick measurements, women don’t know jack shit.

My own dick is now at slightly below 8 inches, but every time a girl sees my dick in action she is amazed and instantly starts telling me how my dick is the largest she’s ever seen and how it must be 10 inches long (I never stop to correct them though).

Ex-Pornstar Reveals: Big Lie of the Porn Industry

Consider this revelation to be my way of making amends.

This lie is being spread in order to make you feel inadequate so you would buy penis pumps and pills and other devices. The ad money of companies that make those devices is what is keeping porn sites in business.

And what is that lie?

There is no such thing as a 10+ inch (25 cm) dick in porn.

Now, there are certainly guys who have 10-inch (and larger) dicks in the world. They are genetic anomalies, like guys who are 4 feet tall. They are born this way and there is nothing you can do to get their size.

But none of those guys with those dicks stars in porn. Guys who star in porn have larger than normal dicks, but there are few that have a 9-inch dick, and most of them are not even 8-inches (20 cm).

There used to be a Tumblr site that documented dick size of all porn actors, but they took that down.

So how do most of those cocks look gigantic on the screen?

Lighting, special camera angles, being shaved, having sex with smaller girls (so your dick looks enormous in comparison): all these things are smoke and mirrors that serve to trick you that monster cocks exist.

After all, it’s much better for the ad to say, “Girl destroyed by a 10-inch cock!” than “Girl destroyed by a 6.5-inch cock!” Don’t you agree?

Only Natural Methods (No pills, pumps or surgery)

I’m here to help you grow your dick without the use of pills, pumps, surgery or crazy contraptions. I know some guys swear by Yohimbe, L-Arginine, Zinc, or mix of the above – but I’m here to show you there are safer alternatives.

Introducing: The Big Mike’s Penis Enlargement Manual

The whole thing can be broken down into 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Setting realistic expectations.
Step 2: Really understanding WHY you want a bigger dick. 
Step 3: Exercises, diet, lifestyle changes.
Penis Enlargement Big Mike
Chapter 1 – Realistic Expectations

With all the scams online and snake oil salesmen selling magic devices that will let you “Grow 4+ inches in 2 weeks!” people tend to develop false expectations and with that, the disappointment can be bigger which can lead to a HUGE FAIL.

I will show you exactly what can you achieve without developing false expectations, so the results can be much more effective!

Chapter 2 – How Does Penis Enlargement Work? 

I’m going to share all the nitty-gritty details about penis enlargement, some statistics, and every practical thing you need to know before you get started on your penis enlargement journey.

Chapter 3 – Penis Diet & Lifestyle Changes (Habits)

Step by step on what you should eat to help with increasing the size of your penis and help you to last longer with stronger erections. Along with some tiny secrets and habit changes that will play a HUGE part in your “training”, for minimum effort and maximum results.

Chapter 4 – Exercises

I like to call it “Penis Enlargement Gym”. You will have a unique working out plan to make the process more accurate and efficient without wasting time on exercises that are not directly related to penis enlargement.

What Other Men Are Saying (Out of Respect For Their Privacy, I’ve Blurred Their Photos)

“Progress!.. finally”

“I purchased your book, so lucky I have found it, as I’m 49, always been frustrated with my size 5.6 x 5, I thought was average. I tried so many things and read so much bs.

I’m in a fantastic relationship with my girl, but when I asked about my penis, she said it’s small, but she was happy blah blah. 

I have been doing 1.5 months of stretching using a special device that holds it stretched, for 6-10h a day, I have time, as I work from home. 

After I started rigorously your exercises, I stopped using the stretching device, and reached my goal of growing my size.” 

– Happy Customer

The Entire System Is Laid Out For You Step-By-Step Inside This Easy-To-Use Big Mike’s Penis Enlargement Manual:

NEVER worry about your pencil dick again. That’s what makes this system different from all the rest. If you read and apply the lessons outlined here – you will be IN CONTROL of your sex life.
Penis Enlargement Big Mike

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Big Mike

Creator of Big Mike’s Penis Enlargement Manual

About the Author

My name is Michael, but in the industry, they usually just called me “Big Mike”.

I’ve been in porn for 12 years. Started as a broke, cash-strapped 23-year-old kid with nothing to show for myself except a big penis, six-pack, and more testosterone than I knew what to do with …

Now I’m on a mission to help 1 million men unlock their full sex life potential by the time I’m 40.

Still Skeptical? Then maybe (just maybe) Big Mike’s Penis Enlargement Manual Is Not For You…

I want to be brutally honest here and give you a friendly warning so you don’t waste your time and money.

Who this is for?

  • Men who want to have a bigger fella down there
  • Men who are not happy with their penis size
  • Men who battle with sexual anxiety, feeling insecure about their size.

Who this is not for?

  • This program is not for lazy and unmotivated men. 
  • Serial course buyers, who never take any action.
  • Men who expect to double their dick size (sorry, it’s not possible).
Penis Enlargement Big Mike

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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P.S. Warning: If you don’t take action now odds are you’re going to continue feeling inferior. You’ll NEVER see a change in your sex life if you keep procrastinating day after day, so take action now while you’re still here.

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