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Kegel Exercises for Men App for IOS - cure your Premature Ejaculation Naturally in just 30 days!

When I was working on increasing my stamina in bed, following the schedule and not missing kegels exercises was a must. Even though kegels quickly became part of my routine, I still missed doing it from time to time, which is not ideal.

If only there was a convenient way to remind me each day and track my workouts. This is when I thought about developing my own app.

Don't have time? Just get the Kegel exercises for Men iOS app.

Having a kegels app on my phone was extremely helpful by providing reminders, timings and dynamic difficulties. At that time I already achieved great results and my PC muscle was getting stronger. However, the app provided additional training consistency and made my workouts more efficient through timers.

How it Works

Both kegels and reverse kegels increase the ability to control penile muscle by making it stronger and increasing neuromuscular connection. Adding kegels to your routine is a simple way to prevent erectile dysfunction (ED) and increase your stamina in bed.

Kegel exercises for Men App has a huge difference when compared with other kegel apps – it combines both kegels and reverse kegels in a single training session.

The first part of the training session is standard and includes regular kegels – train your ability to squeeze your PC muscle. Squizzing PC muscle prevents ejaculation and allows you to last longer in bed. By squeezing it more and for longer durations, you can even achieve a non-ejaculatory orgasm. Regular training is necessary to make PC muscle stronger so you can prevent ejaculation and last as long as you want.

The second part is reverse kegel – practice pushing out with your PC muscle. Use this technique anytime during sex to slow down how quickly you reach the point of ejaculation. This way you can prolong the time until having to use the standard squeezing technique to prevent ejaculation.

By training both techniques of squeezing and pushing PC muscle you get enough control over your ejaculation to comfortably last as long as you want, ensuring good sex for you and your partner.

Try out the Kegel exercises for Men App to train your PC muscles more efficiently and consistently to last in bed as long as you want.

How is it different from other apps?

Kegel exercises iOS app is built by men for men. Just two simple exercises to stop premature ejaculation and unlock longer lasting sex.


Most pelvic floor trainer apps are built for women and don’t have this important exercise for male sexual stamina.


Strong PC muscle gives you the basis for stopping yourself from ejaculating and helps delay the onset of ejaculation.


We teach you exactly how to perform kegels and reverse kegels (without injuring yourself) and guide you during the workout.